About us

Omar Quraishi


Omar Quraishi has had a long career in Media and has worked at BBC, Sky News, Channel 4 and many other Media Outlets


Nanna Schlosser


Nanna Schlosser was a teacher an an artist for many years, with her work being exhibited at many venues. Nanna brings great design to AppShare


Andrea dÍntino


Andrea is Sales and Marketing Manager at Confidential, the world's No 1 file tagging software. Andrea brings experience of launching technical SAAS products

Business advisor

Jesper Ansdal


Jesper Ansdal is Head of Department for Server operations at a 600 person IT infrastructure services company

Technical advisor

Zubair Quraishi


Zubair Quraishi is a middleware architect at Red Hat. He originally developed Yazz as an Open Source project

Business advisor

Stefan Brockmann


Stefan Brockmann manages IT and business systems at a large pension company. He brings experience of complex IT systems being used in business

GDPR advisor

Jesper Rasmussen


Jesper Rasmussen is a GDPR specialist, advising companies on how to deal with EU GDPR legislation

Strategic advisor

Arne Vesterdal


Arne Vesterdal is director of Incuba, Denmark's largest Science Park. Arne brings experience of seeing a huge number of startups build and grow from idea to product market fit

Corp development

Ricco Scheepers


Ricco Scheepers has over 20 years´ experience in global strategy implementation, working in Procter and Gamble, BlackRock, Lloyd's Register, PwC and many other large companies

Slack: Phone: +45 2859 5405